My Son Sanctuary Hoi An – History and Secrets

Danang to My Son Sanctuary to Hoi An by private car

My Son Sanctuary Hoi An is one of the most interesting historical sites in Vietnam. The site is an exciting place to explore for people who are into ancient sites and lost worlds. The history of My Son is closely related to the Kingdom of Champa that dates back to 192 AD which was known […]

Hoi An Full Moon Festival 2019 – Things You Should Know !

Full Moon in Hoi An

What’s special about Hoi An Full Moon Festival?  something special which local people  usually do on this day ! Let’s see ! All over the world, the lunar activities are closely being watched and used as a guide in life as general. Traditions may change over time due to technological advancements, science, culture and religion but […]

What Makes Hai Van Pass Vietnam So Impressive?

may chan

Why is Hai Van so famous for visitors? What Makes Hai Van Pass Vietnam So Impressive ? Let us so you why ! Vietnam is known for its old pagodas, wonderful mountains, unique cuisine and resilient people. For years, Vietnam has been using “Hidden Charm” as its tourism slogan until recently Vietnam National Administration of […]

3 Ways to Get from Hoi An to Bana hills

3 Ways to Get from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) 3 Ways to Get from Hoi An to Bana Hills – is the most favorite answer whenever visitors want to visit Ba Na Hill from Hoi An. Ba Na Hills made its name to domestic travelers due to its unique weather condition, a full cycle of the four […]

bana hills french village-Things to see in Ba Na Hills

Top things to do in Ba Na Hills

Bana hills french village is top famous spot in Ba Na Hills – the top destination in the coastal city of Danang.The city has been attracting millions of local and international tourists every year. Ba Na Hills is famous for its four season in a day climate and its world breaking cable cars . But […]

The Best Time to visit Hoi An Vietnam

chan may vietnam

When is the best time to visit Hoi An? The climate in Vietnam can be divided into two, tropical and temperate. Generally, from central to southern part of the country is tropical while some parts of central to the northernmost is temperate. Hoi An, being in the Central Vietnam is considered as tropical with only […]

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